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We are a group of Building Officials who know just enough coding to be dangerous. And we have developed very easy to use permit and community development  software.

We live to make your work enjoyable.

And we happen to make great software.

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Municipal governments are required to collect a lot of data. Our apps increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your tracking so that you can further advance your various department activities.


Our Permit app is extremely easy to use, especially since our geeky programmers double as Building Officials. We all know that Building Code is getting more complicated with every code cycle, so why use complicated software too?


Your staff can look like superstars with our Code Enforcement module. This case management app is built around being mobile allowing you to truly get more done is less time. Who wouldn’t want to go home early, right?


Our NPDES stormwater solution is our most recent software title to get an upgrade. This database is heavily geared toward the mobile inspector so that all stormwater inspections can be performed from the field on an iOS device.


Our mad scientists build a lot of other apps that are more specialized and kept in our Labs. These apps are fully functional stand-alone apps that may just be what you need for a special use case to collect some off-the-wall data.

Electronic Plan Check

Are you ready to enter the age of electronic plan check? Our integrated Permits with Bluebeam Revue plan check software enables plan checkers to review architectural drawings and supporting materials from any location with an Internet connection.

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Why Choose Us?

We strive to make our software fun and easy to use while at the same time offering it at a realistic price point. Our jobs as Inspectors, Code Officials, and Technicians are difficult enough, and there’s no reason that when you have a tough customer you should have to work with complex and expensive software too. This is why CityTech Solutions is the best in the industry.

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Let’s start something! Speak to one of our consultants about how any of our apps can help meet your city’s needs. We’d be happy to address your questions, learn more about your workflows, and even set up a demo for your municipality.

The City of Rancho Santa Margarita changed our permitting software in April, 2019 over to CityTech. Since that time we have enjoyed having a system that works well and is easy to use. The “duplicate feature” is very useful, as it allows us to issue numerous permits in a timely matter. Also, as our processes change, the software allows us to change. CityTech is one of the best changes we have made.

Lisa Greci, Permit Technician, City of Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

Our previous software did not meet the department’s needs related to caseload and organization of information. CityTech streamlined the process for Building Permits by giving us a comprehensive way to monitor plan check reviews, issue permits and track inspections. Their database is intuitive and easy for anyone to use. In addition, their customer service team is outstanding and very responsive to questions or concerns.

Cecilia Contreras, Administrative Secretary, City of Duarte, CA

We had no software at all for the building permitting process until February 2019 when we started using City Tech. The training was awesome and if I need anything added or changed in my personalized software they are always an e-mail or a call away to change it for me. I can’t imagine a better software and support team.

Patty Gilleland, Deputy City Clerk, City of Emerson, GA