What is Electronic Plan Check?

Question: What is electronic plan check?

Answer: It depends on who you ask.

In its most simple form, electronic plan check (ePC) is the review and mark-up of digital construction plans on a computer. However, we think ePC is SO much more and is supposed to encompass the entire plan check process from the first submittal to preparing for permit issuance.  This is why we’ve developed a solution for cities that can do all of this.  Our ePC solution includes:

  1. A web site (portal) for the creation of online customer accounts to manage the uploading and downloading of construction plans and the payment of plan check fees.
  2. A building permit system to manage what plan check fees are to be charged and capture the project data for future permit issuance.
  3. An electronic mark-up program that not only provides the review and mark-up of digital construction plans, but also the necessary document management tools to be able to assign the work to the appropriate plan checkers throughout various city departments.

By using our Permits system, architects, contractors and homeowners, can now get entirely through a plan check process without leaving their home or office.  Our system is designed to save the printing cost, travel cost and staff time (applicant and city) that it would normally take to go to a City Hall to submit paper plans for plan check the traditional way.

Stay tuned for future posts that dives into more detail of each of the three parts to our Permits solution.