Customer Portal for Electronic Plan Check

As we’ve blogged about in the past, an electronic plan check solution is not complete until you combine a building permit system, a customer web site (portal) and a PDF markup tool together.  It has only been two years since we began partnering with ePlanSoft to connect our Permits, building permitting solution, with a customer portal and ePlanSoft’s patented electronic plan check markup program.  But since we feel that the improvement of software is a perpetual process, we are excited to announce the launch of our completely redesigned portal that has brought drastic improvement to the entire customer’s experience of an electronic plan check submittal.

We really worked hard to build an easy to use portal that has an intuitive feel and brings about a much more pleasant workflow for every customer.  The web site is now compatible in all browsers using HTML5, CSS and PHP and will also be fully responsive in upcoming releases… although we are not sure why you would want to submit a plan check application from a tablet, but we know it is coming!  We even built-in functions that people have come to expect from good web sites, such as: the ability to drag and drop PDF’s onto the screen for easy uploading, graphic validation checks so you can visually see if something is wrong with your data entry, and the simple ability to click a button to have your account information copied into project applicant and/or owner fields.

Please take a look at the video below which is a walk-through of how easy it is to submit for an electronic plan check using our new portal.