Starting With Why

Why Choose Us?

1. Our software is fun to use

This may sound silly, but don’t you want work to be fun?  You often have to fight customers, so why fight your software too?  We make using our software fun.

2.  Our software is cheap

Ok, well it isn’t that cheap, but why is software for cities and counties so bloody expensive?  We don’t know, but we are trying to make it less expensive.

3.  Our software is easy to use

Maybe this ties in with the fun, but with our permit module, we have tried to make issuing a permit as fast as possible.  We are a bunch of Building Officials and Permit Techs, so we appreciate speed.  The easier the software is to use, the faster a permit can be issued and the more fun we have.

But Really… Why Choose Us?

More and more it seems that building permitting systems and other local government software solutions contain a lot of the same features.  They all collect permit data and track inspections.  Most can calculate plan check and permit fees.  Some are capable of GIS and Electronic Plan Check.  And since these features are mostly congruent across all solutions, what can possibly persuade someone to buy one software solution over another?

The answer is in the “why.”  Why do we build software solutions for local government?  Because its sexy?  No.  Because it will change the world?  No.  We started building software for local governments because we highly value the Permit Technician, the Code Technician and the Engineering Assistant and the work they do.  These folks are the first line of defense at the Building and Safety counter, the Code Enforcement Department and the Public Works counter.  They are often the ones who make the first impressions to the public and they are the ones who get to juggle all of the crazy personalities that come into a City Hall.

We made our software extremely easy, we charge less and the result is people are happier using our solutions.  Why?  Because if we can make life just that much easier, then why not?  There’s no reason that when you have a tough customer that you should have to work with a stupidly complex and expensive permit system too.  That is why.