84 Works is a subsidiary of the municipal service powerhouse, Charles Abbott Associates, Inc. (CAA).  With more than 30 years of experience helping cities be more efficient, CAA has created a reputation for saving cities millions of dollars, as well as bringing innovative solutions at fractions of the cost.  Out of this experience and innovation, 84 Works was born.

Throughout the years of working inside of city halls, we have developed databases to track and monitor various municipal activities.  These databases have become such integral part of our employees daily workflow, that we have finally collected all of these databases and are now offering them to not only our clients, but to all cities to help them improve and increase their productivity.


We have always maintained two goals when designing our software.  The first is that it is easy to use.  Period.  Being that we have worked inside cities for years, we have used hundreds of software programs that are hard to use and utterly useless.  This has driven us to create software that is easy to use and does what the city needs it to do, rather than what the software programmer needs it to do.

Second, we set out to make sure the cost of our software is affordable to cities.  We have found that professionals software companies not only create poor software, but then charge cities hundreds of thousands of dollars, for software that often doesn’t do anything that the salesman said it would.  Our solutions are subscription based with little upfront costs.  Further, you can cancel your subscription at any time and keep our software forever.

A few of the databases we have created over the years include:

  • Building Permit Databases
  • Code Enforcement Software
  • Business License Software
  • Pavement Management Systems