Keeping your jurisdiction looking good is difficult enough.  Why not use Code Enforcement software that makes your job easier?

Our Code solution is designed to be used on all platforms; desktop, mobile (iPad) and web.  All three platforms are designed to be identical, so there is no extra training when going from one platform to the next.

We’ve been told quite a few nightmare stories about how difficult other code software is to use, and that a clean, intuitive, and mobile case tracking solution is so sorely needed in this space.  So we introduce to you, 84Works Code.


Need to take a complaint at your desk?  The Code desktop app is easy to use.  Have a public records request to process?  Pull up one of the reports and search away.


A lot of a Code Officer’s work is performed in the field.  That is why we have a solid mobile app.  Access the entire Code database with and iPad.  Create a case, edit a case, add photos, all from your iPad.


Need access even when you’re not at your desk?  Login from anywhere with 24/7 web browser access.  If you need to access the database with an Android device, you can do that too logging on via the web.

Create cases in the field

Why write everything down in the field only to do data entry back at the office?  Get everything done in the field with a great mobile app.  It’s even designed for bad eyes and fat fingers!

Get GPS coordinates

Need to be extremely accurate with your location?  Our app grabs the GPS coordinates from your iPad to document your exact location.  The coordinates will even show a Google map for that exact location in the app.

Pictures, pictures, pictures

Whether you are a photographer or not, you can add as many pictures to a case as you like.  They will later be available to print out back in the office if you need to.