Can I flag an address so that any time an address is entered to issue a permit or take in a plan check, a warning will pop up?


Yes. A feature called “Address Notice” can be found on the Main Menu of Permits. The Address Notice area is designed to keep a list of addresses for those problem properties in your community.  This list constantly communicates with the permit screen so that any time one of these addresses is entered for a permit, an alert will pop up to make the user aware of the issues at this address. Please note: This alert does not stop the user from issuing a permit and is only to notify the user of the issues. The user can decide whether to proceed with issuing the permit or not.

Also, if the initial pop-up alert is missed or accidentally closed by the user, a warning sign icon does stay on the permit screen. The icon can be clicked as needed to open the pop-up alert again.

Lastly, when an address is added to the list and no Close Date is entered, this address will stay in an active state and the warning icon will continue to appear until a Closed Date is entered.  It is good practice to review the flags in the Address Notice area often so that address data does not become out of date and incorrect.