Can I print blank forms from Permits or Stormwater?  For example, I want to print blank permits and blank job cards?


Yes, absolutely.  We advise that you print out a handful of blank forms from the apps, particularly blank permits and blank job cards in unlikely event that your power or Internet goes out for an extended period of time.  This way you can always resort to the old-fashioned paper method of issuing a permits or performing inspections, and keep from inconveniencing customers should they need a permit or have an inspection scheduled.

Side story: One client we work with had an unusual power surge over a weekend that fried their Internet switches and routers and took their IT staff over two weeks to assess, order new equipment and get everything back working.  Because their Permit Techs had printed some blank forms, the Building Department didn’t miss a beat in issuing permits.  They issued paper permits for a couple days and a few days later we got them iPads with cellular service so they could continue issuing permits on our system.  So you never know when you’re gonna need to go “old-school” and issue paper permits again.

In our Permits and Stormwater apps, you can print blank permits, job cards, inspection forms or any other printable forms.  In order to print these blank forms, do the following:

Click the print button for any document that you want to print.

On desktop app, in the Print dialog box, click the option to Print Blank Records, Showing Fields: As Formatted.  The As Formatted option is usually the best, but feel free test print the other options as well.

On web app, in the View as PDF Print dialog box, click the pull down next to Record Range and select Blank Record As Formatted.  Again, the As Formatted option is usually the best, but feel free to try the other options as well.

This feature works in both the Permits and Stormwater desktop apps as well as on both web apps.  Screenshots below show options from both desktop and web.

Print Blank Permit Forms - App Print Blank Permit Forms - Web


To save you some time, below are links to a blank permit and job card you can download.

Blank Permit Form – (formatted for California)

Blank Job Card