A permit system for the masses!!!

Issuing a building permit has never been easier! Our company has used a lot of expensive permit software over the years that makes issuing a building permit extremely time consuming and difficult to issue.  But we have solved this with PermitWorks which is easy to use, efficient, fun to use, jam packed full of fantastic features at a reasonable cost.

Please check out this video to get an overview of what Permits can do for you.

Workflows!  Arrgh!

Does your software box you in with awful workflows?  Issue a permit that way you need to!

Click Click Click

Do you have to click a million times to enter permit data?  Then just say “no” to clicks!

Expensive Upgrade?

Paying thousands of dollars to upgrade your permit system? Save money and try Permits!

Permits and Bluebeam

Is your city ready to enter the age of electronic plan check?  Then ask us about our integrated solution e-PlanCheck solution with Bluebeam Revu software.  Bluebeam is the leading provider of construction PDF review software for the AEC market.  With out electronic plan review solution, we enable cities to review applicant submitted building plans, architectural drawings, and supporting materials via a web browser, from any location with an internet connection.

Use our integrated electronic plan check solution to:

  • Manage customer accounts

  • Manage the uploading and downloading of PDF documents

  • Accept credit card payment for customers to pay the plan check fee.

We are a group of geeky BO’s and MCP’s who know just enough coding to be dangerous.  Because of that we have developed the easiest to use permit software on the planet.

Use our mobile inspector app to:
  • Write correction notices and perform follow-up inspections
  • Take pictures of every inspection
  • Email correction notices to contractors and sub-contractors
  • Perform inspections without cellular service
  • Sync all inspection data when back at the office
Our app is/or can:
  • Create dashboards with Tableau
  • Hosted on Amazon’s Cloud
  • Uses Apple’s FileMaker platform
  • Integrated ePlanSoft electronic PC
Bluebeam Revu

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