Complete Stormwater Management

Our Stormwater inspection solution has been completely redesigned for mobile use so that inspectors can take their tablets into the field, perform inspections, and take pictures while live on the database. The inspection forms can be signed by both the inspector and the owner of the business and emailed right on the spot to the owner. NPDES Stormwater has inspection forms for both the Orange County and Los Angeles County stormwater permits and can be easily customized for other watershed areas.

Tracking Projects Made Easy

Our Stormwater solution provides a one-stop desktop and mobile database that can help any municipality track construction projects from entitlements to the very end of the project. Stormwater makes it extremely easy to track plan checks, approvals, construction inspections, spill events and even post-construction inspections.

Hazardous Spills!

Our Stormwater app provides some very simple, yet comprehensive features for reporting, monitoring and following-up on any spill in your city. Spills don’t happen often, but when they do, you need an app that can track these spills with speed and ease.

Industrial and Commercial Inspections

Businesses in your jurisdiction must do their part to keep their materials out of the storm drain. The inspection part of our app makes performing business inspections a breeze. An easy to use inspection interface, with inspection forms tailored to your city reduces the stress of verifying that your businesses in town are staying in compliance.

Stormwater™ Pricing
Storm Basic
Project Management
Plan Checking Tracking
Device Tracking
Inspection Tracking
Desktop Access
Document Upload/Storage
Storm Tech
Basic Included With
Google Map Integration
Google APN Lookup
Hazardous Spill Tracking
Device Inspection
iPad and Desktop Access

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