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Our product lineup is a rapidly growing list of databases for municipal departments. Our apps are purposefully built with both the city technician and inspector in mind. All modules provide well-designed user interfaces and an easy-to-use mobile experience.


Our Permit app is extremely easy to use, especially since our geeky programmers double as Building Officials. We all know that Building Code is getting more complicated with every code cycle, so why use complicated software too?


Your staff can look like superstars with our Code Enforcement module. This case management app is built around being mobile allowing you to truly get more done is less time. Who wouldn’t want to go home early, right?


Our NPDES stormwater solution is our most recent software title to get an upgrade. This database is heavily geared toward the mobile inspector so that all stormwater inspections can be performed from the field on an iOS device.


Our mad scientists build a lot of other apps that are more specialized and kept in our Labs. These apps are fully functional stand-alone apps that may just be what you need for a special use case to collect some off-the-wall data.


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